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Easter Watercolor Poetry

Our God is the Resurrection!


Used a page from a book of poetry, c. 1881.

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Blackout Poetry II

Been working on more pieces for the series of blackout poems I’m doing using pages chosen at random by friends from a book of English poetry and prose, c. 1917.


To the race of men,  be mindful:
The glory of kings was first found in the mansion of God.


A lovely grace
Whispered thy dream.
Sleep! Sleep!
Fair lady,
For at dawn
The lady is gone
Like a summer rain.


I confess, friend,
There was nothing left for me.

There are a couple of others from this series on my first post, Blackout Poetry. More of my found poems are also on Instagram. Hope you like them :-)

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Blackout Poetry

Been working on some new things! I’m trying out every kind of art I can get my hands on lately! As always, a Jane of all trades, master of none.

All of these found poems use pages from books on poetry and prose, c. 1917.  Check out more of my #foundpoetry on instagram @thelawyernerd :) Please follow!

“Spare me the promise that almost broke my heart.”


“Wond’rous heart, you stormed our oppressive mind.”


This next one is one in a series using pages chosen by friends at random. You can see two more in the series on instagram (@thelawyernerd). I’ve got 10 or so more to do!

The darkness this world holds is the pang of parting. When life did slip away and seemed to mean so little, I cried for you, I stood hopeless, heaven out of view. Beyond the gates of death was life blossomed new.


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A Crumpled Roseleaf


A Crumpled Rose
the matter, my dea-rie,
in your pret-ty eyes;
is the lies!


Beneath the smiling face
Is a broken heart
Slowly being stitched together.
Behind the hearty laugh
Lies insecurity and pain
A dull, but constant ache.

Look behind her eyes,
The closed door to her soul
And see a woman who desperately clings
To happiness as it repeatedly slips
Through her fingers
Into the expansive reach
Of depression’s inky black bleakness

Joy comes to her in small bursts
Like a shooting star,
Here, then quickly gone from view
It’s beauty and simplicity magical,
She sits and waits
For life to fall to her from the heavens


Jealousy,  green and pure.
Love, red violet.
Freshly yellow,  bright as the sun.
Orange,  warm and comforting.
Turquoise dreams.


There is a light
made of warmth
embracing me
Softly mending
my wounds