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Beneath the smiling face
Is a broken heart
Slowly being stitched together.
Behind the hearty laugh
Lies insecurity and pain
A dull, but constant ache.

Look behind her eyes,
The closed door to her soul
And see a woman who desperately clings
To happiness as it repeatedly slips
Through her fingers
Into the expansive reach
Of depression’s inky black bleakness

Joy comes to her in small bursts
Like a shooting star,
Here, then quickly gone from view
It’s beauty and simplicity magical,
She sits and waits
For life to fall to her from the heavens


Sitting in a group,
Excited chatter.
Alone with my thoughts.
Hard to identify with those around me.
My mind stretched thin.

I Feel

I feel shame for being.

I feel shame.

I feel fear.

I fear that no one is listening.

I don’t trust.

Many things.

But at least I feel.

. . .

And I finished this tonight. :-)