Monthly Archives: December 2014

House of Cards

The Spotted Freckledog

Like a house of cards
Carefully built
And temporary
But a work of
Gravitational art
That can be rebuilt

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April 10, 2014:

A breath sighing.

A breeze blowing.

A thoughtful moment.

A smile.  A tear.


Random Lines

April 24, 2014:

It was you and I against the world.
You had me fooled.
I believed what you said,
Never giving up hope.

My heart beat in time to the universe for you.

What does forever mean when you let your blood run cold?

Father’s Day

June 18, 2014: I miss my dad today.

Time Flies

October 26, 2014. The days are flying by. One slips into the next,  the week,  and the month is gone. As my body moves forward, my brain is still sticking to the past. It’s an interesting feeling,  being stretched this way.