Monthly Archives: August 2014

Hi Again

I have been avoiding you all and I’m sorry for it. I’m a very private person and sharing my unfiltered, raw, honest thoughts on a public forum like this is still very new and very difficult for me. To say I’m uncomfortable letting myself be vulnerable with anyone is an understatement.  And writing to you,  even anonymously behind a screen, makes me feel vulnerable beyond compare.

I won’t lie,  there have been a few very dark days since my last post. Days where I have wondered whether or not I have the strength or the desire to continue on in this life. Days where I was struggling to figure out what my purpose, if any, is in this world. Days where there was little, or no, hope in my heart and mind. Those days,  I felt so alone; I was alone.

But there is some light at the end of the tunnel! I can see it. I can feel its warmth on my cheek. And I am slowly crawling out from my dark hole toward it.